Our Environmental Policy

United Arab Chemical Carriers is genuinely concerned about the protection of the environment.

Moving goods by sea is one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Of course our energy consumption and emissions is still significant and UACC is always striving to be as environmentally friendly and cost efficient as it is possible

We have a clear environmental awareness amongst all of our staff

All Company vessels comply with the International Convention for the prevention of pollution from ships (MARPOL) 1973 and its protocol of 1978 and amendments.

All UACC vessels are brought into service with the highest standard laid out by all the latest environmental regulations and SOLAS.

The Managers have a policy of continual implementation of International Safety Management (ISM) code, which is in line with ISO -9002

UACC’s Main priorities:

Minimising Energy Consumption

  • Achieved by evolution of ships design and operating systems
  • Fuel choice
  • Thermal insulation and energy efficient machinery
  • On board husbandry


  • Fuel choice-EngineReduction in Waste Disposal
  • Treatment of raw sewage -garbage management plans-tanks cleansing regime-oil purification-ballast and fuel tank configuration-incineration in environmental friendly burners
  • Prevention of Contaminating Land and Water
  • SOPEP (Ship on-board pollution emergency plan) responsible depots/hauliers-waste disposal methodology.Protecting the environment is a job for all of us. We at UACC take this responsibility seriously and continue to strive to find ways of operating all of our vessels in an environmentally and sound manner for the good of all.