27 February 2021

The Management team and leaders at all levels will strive to demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities and attitude. UACC believes in value-driven management philosophy that seeks to improve business competencies and develop human capital, which will create organizational dynamics internally, and a strong reputation externally.

The UACC Management shall act in a way which fosters loyalty, and promotes timely and apt decision-making throughout the organization. To nourish and enhance its reputation, all employees, the management, the Board and associates must do theirutmost to deliver top quality services and performances at all times, and continuously maintain and nurse its UACC culture. In UACC all should be proud of who they are and what they do.

The Company will comply with the Human Rights, value and respect individual abilities and differences, and embrace a diversified working environment. UACC does not accept, in any form, harassment, discrimination, intimidation or other behaviour that may be regarded as disrespectful, threatening or degrading. UACC will treat all employees fairly in order to attract, develop and retain the right talents.

The safety of UACC’s employees has the highest priority, and UACC aims to continuously maintain, improve and develop healthy working environment/conditions. UACC shall be a drug-free workplace. The Company does not accept selling, distributing, using, or encouraging others to use illegal drugs in a manner that can place the user, UACC or any of its business associates in an unfavourable light. The Company will fully cooperate with Authorities in the fight against illegal drugs. In addition UACC refers to their specific guidelines on alcohol and drug policy for sea-farers.

UACC will aim to act responsibly and avoid harm to the environment by complying with, and using high standards, for the benefit of our global environment, while striving to be a world class shipping company that serves our clients.

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